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Purchasing a Full Manuscript Solution critique by Jess Carroll means that you will be getting the following:

• An in-depth analysis of rhyme & meter

• A detailed scan using my own unique mark-up method & legend

• Visual indicators exposing all rhyme & meter issues

• Notes, suggested edits & solutions to each problem

• An audio recording of me reading your manuscript aloud to help you hear where there may be meter issues. This is especially helpful when compared to the read-aloud of your revision as you get to hear the progress you’ve made with your manuscript.

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Sample Full Manuscript Solution:


– = unaccented syllable
/ = accented syllable
bold text = visual indicator of accented syllables
underlined text = indicates line where meter is off
italics = my notes & suggestions


NIGHT-NIGHT, BUGGY BUGS, SLEEP TIGHT! By Candace Spizzirri © 2017

Just a thought that popped in my head for the title: “Night-Night, Busy Bugs, Sleep Tight” That way you keep the fun night-night bugs part, but it makes it subtly more accessible to an older age group as well. Also, “busy bugs” seems a bit more relevant to the story’s concept.

In buggy world there’s much to do. -/-/-/-/

The bugs work hard and play some too. -/-/-/-/

They’re super busy through their day. -/-/-/-/
They’re busy bugs throughout the day -/-/-/-/

And each bug has its special way. -/-/-/-/
And each one has its special way. -/-/-/-/

But when their day comes to an end, -/-/-/-/
But when they start to drag their feet, -/-/-/-/

There’s dreamy, sleepy time to spend. -/-/-/-/
They’ll sleep now that their day’s complete. -/-/-/-/ 

Back to their homes each crawls or flies, /- -/-/-/ The word “Back” is accented here, which throws off your meter. Perhaps wording it a bit differently like this could help:

“To get back home, each crawls or flies,” -/-/-/-/ Added a comma at the end to transition to the next line where I make another suggestion. View more.


Pricing is as follows:

Full Manuscript Solution
(read-aloud recording included)
$25 USD: up to 500 words
$45 USD: 500 to 1000 words

Second Round Solution
(read-aloud recording included)
$15 USD: up to 500 words
$35 USD: 500 to 1000 words

5-7 days, unless otherwise specified.

Second Round Solutions can only be purchased via a link I provide after you have purchased a Full Manuscript Solution.

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FULL MANUSCRIPT SOLUTION (read-aloud recording included)

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All suggestions and fixes that I provide in my scans are developed with two goals in mind: to make your story shine and to inform about the mechanics of rhyme. I also answer all follow-up questions pertaining to a scan and provide a link to purchase a Second Round Solution or Revision Solution.

PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of the service purchased, it is of added benefit that I am permitted to read several stanzas, or the entire manuscript, to ensure correct context of my solution(s), and to avoid repetition of words. This is not a requirement, only a suggestion.


What a relief to find someone like her! Not just a scan of the meter but inventive suggestions and solutions worth their weight in gold! Jess has gone above and beyond with her critique. – Joy Moore, children’s writer

“I 100% recommend Jess Carroll for all your rhyme and meter needs. Whether for a single rhyme, a few stanzas, or an entire manuscript, Jess works magic! I’m fortunate enough to have had Jess work on (or critique) several of my picture books. I’m pleased to say they are now polished and standing tall. Thanks, Jess, you’re awesome!” – Candace Spizzirri, picture book author

For a sample of Candace’s Full Manuscript Solution, please click HERE.

“Jess’ ability to take a well-written stanza and make it sing is quite remarkable. If you are struggling with your rhymes sounding just a little predictable and dull, Jess is the woman to make it sparkle. If your meter is wonky or forced, she will identify the issue and help sculpt your words into beautiful rhyming stanzas.

I have had the fortune of working with Jess on several manuscripts and have found her suggestions invaluable. She excels at reading your work and rewording it in a way that is unpredictable and unique, without straying from your original concept. I would highly recommend her skills if you’re looking to take your rhymes to the next level, whether it be a few problem stanzas or something more substantial.

Here is an example:

And the friends all had fun
as they swam in the sun,

was transformed into

And the friends felt renewed,
in the blue solitude,

– Kate Talbot, children’s picture book writer & illustrator

“I highly recommend Jess for her rhyming and meter services. She is a queen of ingenious fixes, as she really thinks outside of the box. I’ve been working with Jess on several manuscripts, and she helps them shine. For example, I was working on two lines and had come up with many options. She tweaked them and turned the original

The noise thundered on,
that is all I recall.
And shadows of sword tips
lined up on my wall.


The noise thundered on
and invaded our room.
The shadows of sword tips
lined up in the gloom.

This is a place that gave me fits because readers weren’t understanding ‘lined up on my wall’.

Thanks again, Jess, you are a gifted rhymer!”

– Tracy Hora, children’s author