Jess Carroll grew up all over Canada yet considers Nova Scotia to be home, partly because she’s spent the most time there, but also because it’s the most beautiful place on Earth. Always the new kid in school, Jess’ coping mechanism consisted of telling tall tales about her previous schools and the infiltration of alien children amongst them. She also drew an insane amount of horses and unicorns.

In 2001, Jess sold her ’89 turbo-charged, dual exhaust teal-coloured Mustang to move to Toronto after receiving a scholarship for fashion design school. Fast-forward to 2007, Jess discovered welding and in the year 2009, was the only woman to graduate from Welding Engineering Tech, after which she got to program robotic plasma welders and operate crazy-awesome welding & inspection equipment.

Fast-forward to present day, Jess is a mom to an equally creative and adventurous toddler. She homeschools her child while pursuing a career as a children’s author and illustrator. Jess has sold her work to private collectors throughout Canada & the US and continues to sell her paintings & photographs at a local venue.

Jess is, and always will be, a mad dance machine extraordinaire.